Welcome to Penrith Baptist Church and Ministry Centre

What We Believe “We seek to be an authentic Christian community that encourages and enables all people to be the person God designed them to be.”

 How to find us at 11Morello Terrace Caddens NSW- for driving directions click on “more options” on the map below, a new map will appear. Enter your address into the box at the top left hand side of the map and your route is displayed.

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We  engaged in the series “Jesus the Game Changer”.  I was very much aware during this series that while Jesus changed history he also changed my/our history. Jesus breaks into our lives and transforms us and continues to do so.  Being a follower of Jesus is not easy but it brings great fulfilment and purpose.  It places us amidst a people that we call the church.  It provides meaning and purpose and hope.  It takes away our fear. It gives us strength to continue on. Included in this series were a number of challenges.  How did you go with these?

  • Who can you encourage this week?
  • Who can you include in the things you are doing?
  • In what ways can you make another feel important or special?
  • How can you show care to others this week?
  • Who can you serve or help?
  • Who can you offer forgiveness to or accept forgiveness from?

Pastor Neil

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