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What We Believe “We seek to be an authentic Christian community that encourages and enables all people to be the person God designed them to be.”

 How to find us at 11Morello Terrace Caddens NSW- for driving directions click on “more options” on the map below, a new map will appear. Enter your address into the box at the top left hand side of the map and your route is displayed.

A View from the Hill                                                                   



Once upon a time (all good stories start this way) a coal miner took his son down the pit where he worked.  At one point he told his son to sit in the area that had light and to wait for him to return while he headed down the tunnel to work.  While he was away the lights went out and the boy was left in pitch darkness.  The boy screamed for his dad and from down the tunnel he heard his father’s voice gently encouraging him to start walking towards him. The boy said that wasn’t possible because he couldn’t see anything.  The father told his son to turn on his head lamp and to take the step.  The son replied that he could only see one step ahead. Many times Dad encouraged him to take that step and the next and the next one step at a time.  By following his father’s advice and by continually taking that one step he finally reached the safety of his father’s arms. I borrowed that story from a series of reflections by Tim Costello. He told it to illustrate the reality that we don’t always know where we are going but that as we take one step at a time trusting in God and listening to Gods voice that everything will be Ok.  It is a reminder that we don’t know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future.  The young boy in this story could move ahead because he knew and trusted his father.  I think that is also true for us as we put our hope and trust in God


.God’s peace
Pastor Neil

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